My job is mobile and I split my time working alternate weeks in Norfolk and Nottinghamshire. I drive down country roads, enjoying rural England through the seasons.

Thursday, 4 December 2008

Back to the Blog

Not posted since 12 October! The exam boards have been and gone, the certificates have arrived and I'm all set to get them posted out to our students by the end of this week I hope.

I'm still living at Jo's but hope to move back next Tuesday or Wednesday, all being well. The house is painted (mostly, not all the gloss is finished yet) apart from the front bedroom which has had to wait, being piled floor to ceiling with furniture etc from the rest of the house. Wouldn't have been able to even think of moving back if it wasn't for the help that Jo and Steve have given in terms of time and sheer hard work - painting walls, lugging furniture about, laying lino, making up kitchen units - and keeping me going whenever I started to lose hope. I owe them both a lot more than the money I borrowed off them.

My new kitchen is in and LOOKS GREAT - lovely new cupbaords, a drawer unit, shiny new sink and glossy marble-lookalike worktop. It's very simple and plain, but I love it. The walls are a faint off-white, which helps to keep the room nice and light. The floor is vinyl - meant to look like terracotta and stone tiles, but cheaper. It's all lovely and I've really enjoyed getting it all put back together, as it's helped with the frustration that the rest of the house is still work in progress.

Sunday, 12 October 2008

Sunday and sunny and I'm at work

Exam boards are on Tuesday and I'm still putting the results together, printing the lists and doing the photocopying - so this will be a fairly brief post I think.

Plastering is all done now - Hayden came back and did the back bedroom on Thursday -also repaired the kitchen where it had split a bit above the radiator. I've now put first coats on the landing and stair walls, and want to get a first coat on the kitchen and living room walls and ceilings by the end of next week, so that I can then do a proper clean and start the glossing. Bit of a tall order I think, but there's no harm in aiming high.

Took my module 2 assessment on Friday morning before starting work - got 24/25, so on to module 3 now - all about muscles and the movement of muscle. Looking at it, it seems to be more of an introduction/overview and looks quite small compared to the last module. Hope so and then I can get through it quickly and get back into my time plan - which I am out by about 2 weeks at the moment.

Anyway, here I am at work, the photocopier and printer are on and warmed up - time to get cracking.;..

Monday, 6 October 2008

After the wedding

Didn't get much done at home this weekend as I was in Stockport on Saturday for cousin Phil's wedding - different, not to say unusual, but very enjoyable and because cousin Anne was there with her hubby I sat with them and didn't feel too much like Billy-no-mates. The weather was filthy though, and driving home was horrid - and of course I got lost both coming and going. Even managed to drive through the town centre pedestrian zone whilst trying to find the town hall!

So yesterday after a bit of a lie-in, I went round to mine and washed the downstair's floors TWICE, and then cleaned the living room windows of all the plaster and dust. Today I have to leave work early as the electricity board people are coming to fit the PME and I am going to use the time to wash all the woodwork down, as well as the kitchen windows. And then I can start to undercoat everywhere - will start on the landing and work my way downstairs I think, which will give the living room and kitchen plaster chance to fully dry out. The upstairs plaster dried much faster, but the weather has been much worse recently, and much colder, so it's taking longer.

And of course I can't paint upstairs as I can't move for furniture. So until the downstairs is painted and I can move stuff back down into the living room and kitchen, the bedrooms will have to wait.

Friday, 3 October 2008


The plasterers have just about finished now - just the upstairs back bedroom walls to do - originally I wasn't going to have these done, but when I came to paint them last weekend I realised that the bumps and lumps are much worse than I originally thought.

The downstairs has been done, though, and I can't wait to get back in there and start to clean up and paint - the dust and dirt everywhere has to be seen to be believed!

Monday, 22 September 2008

Demolition Derby

Kitchen is now out and at the tip - apart from the sink which is to be disconnected tomorrow afternoon. Going round tonight to unplug, clean and move the fridge/freezer into the portch, and then that will be it.

Lounge ceiling is also more or less stripped.

The plasterers come back next Monday. In the meantime, I'm bankrupt and "cheering myself up" (not) by looking at kitchens I can't afford on the internet in the hope that one day I may win the lottery!

Will start to paint the spare room upstairs this week - very pale blush pink on the walls, white door and skirting.

Thursday, 18 September 2008

Quick catch up

Not much to say but I feel impelled to make a post since I haven't found time to do so recently.

I'm currently living with Jo and Steve and today go to pay the plasterers who will have finished the upstairs of my house! So quite a bit of progress has been made. Jo and Steve are to meet me round there after work as well, so we can start to move furniture around a bit more, and begin to demolish the brickwork in the living room, and take out the entire kitchen. I must ring the plumber today to see when he can come and disconnect the taps and sink. Also find someone to disconnect the cooker...

No time to write more.

Thursday, 4 September 2008

Autumn morning

Feels really autumnal this morning - roads and fields are damp from all the rain this week, but the sun is out and there's that lovely crispness in the air. But there's still a swallow skimming and diving outside my window so summer isn't completely over yet and I'm conscious of not wanting to wish the seasons over before their time.

Autumn is my favourite though - a season of change, time to tidy the garden and prepare it for its annual rest. Most of all, though, I love the colours. They feel warm and comfortable - mellow in a way that I'd like to be but so rarely achieve.

Wednesday, 3 September 2008

Work on the house

  • So let's see, what did I actually achieve during my time off?

    Yes - Resurface the driveway (pebbles ordered and due to arrive next Monday)
    Started but not finished due to shocking weather - Mend and paint the garden fence, decking and pergola
    As above, although I did get quite a bit done, including the leeks and spuds - Weed and tidy the garden up, including planting my leeks out and harvesting my spuds
    Yes - Rip the tiles off my bedroom ceiling - and discovered a hole in the ceiling!
    Yes - Remove the artex from the kitchen ceiling
    Yes Rip the wooden boarding off the kitchen walls
    No... Try to do something to stop my garden wall falling over...
    No... Remove all loose pointing from ground to a 4 foot height from the front and side walls of my house prior to repointing
    No... Start the repointing

And on top of all that I have also:

  • Had the electrician round who has sorted out most of my electrics including fitting a new fuse box and finding that my house isn't earthed...
  • Organised the plasterer who will start work in a couple of weeks
  • Been to France to see m&d and brought some of their stuff back to store for them
  • Organised a self-store unit and started to move some of my stuff into store - by this weekend I aim to have the upstairs completely empty so that the plasterers can work without my things getting in the way, and for all my books, ornaments etc to be in store.

AND I have started on my new foot health practitioner course and completed module 1.

I think I deserve a proper holiday - pity all my money's gone and I've used all my leave up on the house!

Back to work and all that

Had a bigger gap from this than I had envisaged really - didn't have time during the week that I was off work due to all the work I had to do in the house, and then I had a mad week back at work desperately trying to catch up, and then a 2nd week off to carry on the random destruction of my house!

And now that I'm back at work, I don't seem to have time for anything other than gearing up for the next exam board. But today I have decided to take a lunchbreak - even if only for 20 mins, and in that I am going to add a bit more to this blog.

Friday, 1 August 2008

End of the week

My last post for a week, unless I borrow my laptop back off Jo and Steve - which I might do just to make sure I get some practice with this blogging thing.

I may not get much time though - with James coming up and with all the work I have planned to do in my 1 week holiday which includes:
  1. Resurface the driveway (pebbles ordered and due to arrive next Monday)
  2. Mend and paint the garden fence, decking and pergola
  3. Weed and tidy the garden up, including planting my leeks out and harvesting my spuds
  4. Rip the tiles off my bedroom ceiling
  5. Remove the artex from the kitchen ceiling
  6. Rip the wooden boarding off the kitchen walls
  7. Try to do something to stop my garden wall falling over...
  8. Remove all loose pointing from ground to a 4 foot height from the front and side walls of my house prior to repointing
  9. Start the repointing

At this point I realise that I have lapsed completely into fantasy land!! Realistically I have little chance of getting beyond items 5/6, but I suppose it's good to have goals to aim for...

Pinch Punch and all that

It's the 1st of August and when I woke up this morning I had to turn the bedroom light on as it was so dark. But it's lovely and sunny outside now, with the clear cool freshness that is so English after a heavy rainfall.

I have 2 resolutions to take me through my last day at work before my holiday next week:

  1. Speak slowly and stop gabbling and gibbering
  2. If I can't say anything positive - don't say anything at all!

Right, time to get on with it.

Thursday, 31 July 2008

my new blog - well not quite...

My third to be exact, but hopefully I'll stick with this one now.

I've tried Yahoo 360 but there was some kind of programming error that made actually posting a blog a bit of a nightmare.

And I tried Livejournal which was ok but...