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Monday, 30 March 2009

My garden

First on the list and as it was a lovely sunny day yesterday it's a good place to start I think.

Spring is well and truly under way now, including the obligatory night frosts that have me lugging pots of geraniums into the portch every night. Yes, I know it was too early to plant them out, but lack of space and an eternally optimistic spirit had me believing (2 weeks ago) that winter was over and it would be safe...

Seeds that have sprouted to date include sprouts (excuse the pun!); lettuce, mesumbrythemum, stock. Seeds that are still thinking about it are: peas, broad beans, tomatoes, courgettes, squash, and sweet peas.

Yesterday I butchered one of my buddleas a bit more and wish I hadn't - it looks so feeble and bare now. Steve said I had to but I wish I hadn't. So I have left the white one on the right more or less alone - just took it back a couple of buds from last years flowers. So we'll see which method has or hasn't work later on this summer.

Dad and I planted a new redcurrant bush, moved a penstemmon and burnt a lot of branches etc that have been drying out since last winter waiting for me to get round to lighting the incinerator.

And finally, I moved the contents of the temporary compost bin into the main one, having last weekend emptied the main one into the garden - or at least as much of it as was ready to take out. Lots and lots of worms in the compost bin - a relief for me since I NEVER find any in the soil when I'm digging.

Got the lawn to take up now, and then I need to design the garden so that I know what I'm doing beforehand - not really my thing though. I usually just make it up as I go along!!