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Monday, 27 April 2009

Monday musings

I'm not awake at all today. Got on the A1 and realised I had forgotten to get petrol so had to detour at Blythe and then managed to get that wrong, so got to work late (for me anyway), and haven't caught up with myself yet.

The reason I'm so sleepy? Not sure why but I slept really badly last night - could be over-tired as it was a hectic weekend, or just hormonal. Either way both Jasmine and I had a really broken night - the difference being that after she had staggered down for breakfast, she then got back under the duvet to catch up on her beauty sleep while I tried not to fall asleep again in the bath!

But I have managed to order my (our) new laptop - shiny blue Dell that will arrive round or about 13 May, giving me plenty to time to get the broadband side of things organised now. It will be wonderful to have fast and reliable access to email and the internet from home, although I will be sorry to say goodbye to my trusty old laptop.

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