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Wednesday, 15 April 2009

My loft

Well, we did it - much to my amazement I'm not that bad at DIY after all and didn't disgrace myself by not being able to do my bit! Dad was great and didn't blow his top once, and did more than his share of hefting stuff about considering his age.

The loft ladder is up and running and we have cleared the loft of 4+ years of accumulated debris and junk. I say 4+ because I have been in the house for 4 years and never been in the loft, so all everything was there when I moved in - empty boxes, old carpet and carpet backing, pipes, wood of various types, shapes and sizes, half full bag of dog biscuits (!), more carpet and backing, coat hangers, miscellaneous unidentifyable junk and rubblish, more carpet...

But it's all out and mostly at the tip, and the loft would be fully usable if we hadn't run out of time. So next Saturday I will be up there again, this time brushing and bagging up dust that is so thick it is actually sand - inch upon inch of the nasty stuff.

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