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Wednesday, 29 April 2009

My skin doesn't fit today

Did you ever get one of those days when nothing seems quite right or quite real?

I felt fine when I woke up, a bit muzzy and vague, but that's not that unusual for a Wednesday.

But then things started to go wrong. I was late leaving the house because I couldn't stop fussing and fidgeting with things that didn't need any attention from me.

I got to work to find my milk bottle (an old jam jar with a badly fitting lid) had leaked ALL my milk all over the bottom of my bag - soaking my fruit, 2 books, some paperwork, and various othe bits and bobs lurking in the depths. In the process of trying to extract it all, I managed to spill milk in various places in the office resulting in a massive clean up operation as well as the washing of my bag - which is now hanging out of the window scaring all the birds so I have no feathered friends to cheer me up today.

My fingers won't work properly, I keep hitting the wrong keys but the habit of speed and touch typing means that I can't for some reason type any slower even though half the time I'm backspacing every other letter.

My skin doesn't seem to fit properly, my clothes feel wrong and twisted up. I keep getting really hot and then really cold...

It's either the return of the menopause or my fault for not saluting that magpie last night.

Remind me again - what do we need hormones for?....

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