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Monday, 27 April 2009

Post-Weekend List

So what did I do to make myself so tired?

  1. Went to the storage unit on Friday and took most of the rest of mum and dad's stuff home to be unpacked and sorted
  2. Took a whole load of stuff to Oxfam on Saturday, worked there for 5 hours
  3. Bought a flat packed tall bookcase and built that with dad on Saturday night
  4. Rearranged the kitchen and living room to make room for the bookcase
  5. Put loads of stuff in the bookcase - see item 6 below
  6. Helped mum and dad unpack more of their stuff, find places in the house for some of it, repack the rest and put it in the loft
  7. Finished digging up the grass in the back garden and bagged up a whole lot to take to the tip after work tonight
  8. Usual shopping and cleaning stuff
  9. Jo and Steve came round last night so I couldn't snooze on the sofa as I normally would on a Sunday night after a busy day

All in all a lovely weekend, but I need to sleep now to get over it!

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