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Thursday, 23 April 2009

Seedling Update

I planted out the broad beans last Sunday - 9 of them in total so we will shortly have more beans than we can cope with. Well, hopefully!

The peas haven't done so well - only 3 actually sprouted and came to anything and they look much less hardy so they haven't gone out yet as we are still having some frosts at night. I'm hoping they will go out soon as we can barely move in the porch for pots, tubs and sacks at the moment.

The sprouts sprouted - and then died. Exactly the same as last year. Moi said they are quite greedy and may have faded due to lack of nutrition - so I have bought a big box of bonemeal and will re-seed this weekend and hope for the best.

Potatoes, tomatos, courgettes and squash are all doing fine. Likewise leeks and lettuce. Must seed some chives and cress this weekend - I keep forgetting.

Stocks, sweet peas, mysembryanthemum, geraniums, etc are all doing well and will go out as soon as I get the borders clear of weeds.

I'm disappointed that my salvias and echinacea did not survive the winter in the garden so I am hoping Steve will have some spare that I can cadge off him.

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