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Friday, 8 May 2009


I'ts funny, when I started this blog, I made it private so that only I could read it.

Then I got lazy and less paranoid and left it open, thinking that it is much too small and insignificant a twig to be noticed in the blogger jungle.

Which I like and find reassuring that I can write pretty much what I want without worrying about what anyone would think. I especially find that I don't want anyone who knows me to read it, and be comparing my thoughts and ramblings to the person they (think to) know.

But if I'm honest, I sometimes look at my profile counter and wonder if anyone ever drops by, and if so, what do they think - and most importantly of all "will they like me?" Which has always been my "thing" - a born and bred people pleaser who finds it hard to stand up against disapproval from family, friends, colleagues.

This morning, I read another blogger's post which I found interesting, and nearly added a comment to say so - but stopped right before I posted it, as I suddenly thought they might come to my blog - and they might not like me.

And yet, how terrible would that be? Would I / should I really care so very much?

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