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Tuesday, 19 May 2009

Catch up from home

Been using the laptop loads but it's been either to teach mum and dad how to use it - Vista, mah jong, email and the internet..

Or to access my course. Passed the module 7 assessment on Sunday and now on to nails and common conditions of the nail. Good job I've been working on my innate squeamishness - some of the images could put you right off your lunch!

Mum and dad are fine on the whole on the computer, and the touchpad seems much easier for them to use than the old mouse. Which surprised me at first but then again it can't run away with you and it's much harder to accidentally click when you shouldn't.

They can both navigate their way round the BBC website now and send and reply to emails - although that can still be a bit hit and miss. But considering we've been online less than a week, they're doing amazingly well. Dad is probably more competent at the moment, but he's used to teletext and to machines - mum is still quite scared of it, which I remember from when I first started on computers and had this fear that I would delete everything and "break" it if I hit the wrong key.

On the whole it's great and so nice to be able to use the computer at home insteaad of having to squish it at work in lunch and tea breaks.

Talking of tea, though, time for a cuppa...

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