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Thursday, 21 May 2009

Feeling blue

I should be all excited, I'm going away on holiday in just a few days time, and will have a whole week to loll by the pool, read my books (correction, study hard...) and generally not have to be here.

But I'm not, I'm feeling tired, stressed, put-upon and generally fed up.

Why is it that the current work ethic seems to be that when you book time off work, you have to work extra hard before and after to make up for the few precious days you have when you temporarily escape from the hive?

I'm tempted to launch into a complete and utter whinge about work and other "sorry for myself" topics, but will stop right now.

The bottom line is:

A) Stop whingeing and do something about it Gill


B) Put up with it, get on with it and stop whingeing Gill.

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