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Monday, 11 May 2009

He's back!

(picture from the RSPB website)

.. or rather I saw him again for the first time this summer - and this time I saw enough of him to be completely, totally and utterly sure that he is a yellowhammer and not a siskin or a yellow wagtail. As I drew near, he shot up into the air, did a bit of a wing commander's roll and I clearly saw the white flashes on his tail - so when I got to work out came my bird book and yes, he is a yellowhammer.

He was beautiful, such a bright canary yellow and much more of it than on the picture above, as the yellow continued down his front and tummy. I feel so privileged to have seen him again. For the past month I've been coming the back way to work in the hope of seeing him, but today was the first time since last July I think.

It's made my Monday.

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