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Thursday, 7 May 2009

My (our) new baby!

The laptop has arrived and it's perfect. Very shiny, very blue, very Dell. I'm in love with it and would have taken it to bed with me if I hadn't had to leave it plugged in to charge the battery. It seems to work perfectly and Vista doesn't seem that bad, contrary to what I had been led to believe. I have set up 3 users - me, mum and dad. We have our own passwords, our own gadgets and desktops and it all seems to work fine. Full marks to Dell for great service and delivering early.

Not so full marks for BT. I rang them yesterday to set up broadband , having been told by lots of people that they are good, reliable, easy to use etc etc etc. The salesboy hassled me through the call as quickly as he could and the whole time made it quite clear he wasn't interested in me or what I wanted, told me not to bother getting an engineer out to help install it, even though I had said I wanted one because of the wireless problems Jo has had, told me that I could ring back later to cancel my old BT dial up account (I am now told he could or should have done the transition thing for me there and then) and WORST OF ALL, he told me that my email account wouldn't be set up until the kit arrives and I could ring BT then to set it up and decide what my email address will be.

Then, later in the day I received my confirmation and order details from BT, and guess what, they have already set up and given me the most random meaningless email address! So I rang them. I spent over half an hour waiting in queues and explaining myself again and again and again to 5 different people, and even now I have to take it on trust that my email address will be changed as 2 people just transferred me without even listening to me, 2 people told me that I couldn't change it and it didn't really matter anyway, and only 1 said I could - but that I can't do it now as my account is not live yet and therefore can't be accessed.

So I'll have to wait and see and try not to let nasty old BT spoil my fun with my new baby!

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