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Friday, 12 June 2009

Equal and Opposite forces

Driving home I decided I needed to post a more cheerful blog entry to balance my karma a bit - you know, like the law of physics... can't remember exactly but it's along the lines of reactions needing equal and opposite forces.

When I heard my fave Bob Marley song and managed to beat a BMW off the slip road and onto the A1 I thought that might be it...

But then, when I finally managed to boot my mah-jong obsessed parents off the laptop and logged onto my email - I had TWO comments to moderate.

Two! In one day! I never had a comment before, and now I've got a follower as well, a follower who liked my post.

Suddenly I feel all warm and glowing and happy.

Blogs and the internet are very strange.

But this unknown, insignificant UK lady is very happy tonight - and she hasn't even had her first Baileys yet.


  1. Happy without Baileys? Then you're going to be very, very happy with. Enjoy.

  2. Umm, very nice. It was one of those "to hell with the diet" Friday nights! Multiple Baileys, lots of chox - and I managed to stay awake till at least 11! Such a partyhead...