My job is mobile and I split my time working alternate weeks in Norfolk and Nottinghamshire. I drive down country roads, enjoying rural England through the seasons.

Thursday, 11 June 2009


I've become a lot less interested in writing and posting to my own blog recently - which I have put down to 2 factors:

1) I don't have much spare time, being busy at work and home at the moment.

2) What time I do have spare when I'm online I seem to spend reading other people's blogs.

Some I find through the Blogs of Note, others just randomly appear when I click on various links/interests and hobbies etc.

The only way I have found to keep them listed so that I can find them again is to add myself as a "follower" of the blog - which being fairly blog-illiterate bothers me a bit as it seems to me to be one step away from stalking...

I do it publicly - anonymous following seems even worse to me, but every time I add myself to a complete stranger's blog I have to admit to feeling slightly uncomfortable - I mean, these people don't know me at all, won't they think it weird that some unknown lady from the UK is reading their thoughts and comments?


  1. As another unknown lady from the UK whose blog you have just signed up to, I'd like to say I don't think it weird in the least. I think it a sign of excellent taste and I'm glad to meet you! I like your blog posts very much and your list of reading group books is to die for. So, hello, complete stranger!

  2. Nothing wrong with stalking - no matter what the judge told me...

    The way I see it, if folks don't want random people reading what they write, they shouldn't write it somewhere public.
    Pretty sure we're all just publicity whores anyhow!