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Tuesday, 16 June 2009

Garden update

Decided to keep my blog politics free, so have deleted my last blog entry and will post some pics I took of my garden at the weekend instead.

Spuds! Earlies should be ready in just a couple of weeks.

Broad beans, still at the flowering stage, but a few pods showing now

Fruit bushes - currents, raspberries and gooseberries. All looking a bit wild, but doing ok this year. Last year was the first year I put them in.

And some misc flowers...

And one picture to show why pictures of the WHOLE garden don't work...

... because my lawnmower blew up last autumn so I took it as a sign, and this spring removed all the grass (which was a mess of thatch, clover, weeds and dock anyway) - but can't yet afford the cobbles and stones etc that I want to replace it with. And in the meantime, the weeds are fighting back and I'm too busy studying and working to keep up with the weeding!
It'll be lovely one day though...


  1. Yes, just think of it like estate agents do, with words like 'potential' and 'low-maintenance'. It works for them every time. Your flowers are very lovely, though. I like the purpley-blue one. That's my favourite colour.

  2. Thanks. I have this ideal in my head that I want the garden to give the impression of being a clearing in the forest. The trouble is that I'm a bit of a butterfly - start off full of enthusiasm and then run out of steam as well as time. Also, I've had to do the garden on a very limited budget so although I have planted about 12 trees, they are are still very small.
    I think the purpley flowers are tradescantias. Wonderful things, very hardy, don't mind being moved lots of times, and multiply and spread nicely.