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Sunday, 14 June 2009

I may be tempted...

to take action and temporarily abandon my live and let live organic pesticide-free principles if this carries on much longer.

I have a plague of greenfly - not just on my roses, although they are there. But the problem is they are everywhere else - on my tomatoes, cucumbers, beans, peppers, and very single other green palnt or flower in the garden - and this is in spite of daily dousings with soapy water - which I believe my principles do allow (please don't tell me if I'm wrong...) And what is almost worse, every time I set foot in the garden I come back in covered in the little bleeders. AND they nip, quite hard when you consider how small and weedy looking they are. It's like they think they own the place.

I lost 2 roses and a lupin to them last year.

So it's time for a google search to find out how to get rid of them - in a way that doesn't compromise my karma of course!!!

And if there isn't one, well I may have to look the other way while I send my father out with something from the local garden centre...


  1. Yeah, we have LOADS. (Aren't you in the Midlands? I am, too.) I've been doing my GCSE exam marking in the garden, and I have greenfly trapped in every page of every script. I don't know what the exam board is going to think when I return them.

  2. Yes, I'm in the top right hand bit of Nottinghamshire.

    Watching my roses and lupin die last year was a bit like watching those wildlife programmes - you know the ones where they say they can't interfere as a baby lion gets savaged to death by elephants because it would upset the balance of nature. But it can't be natural for there to be this many greenfly? Where are the ladybirds, that's what I want to know. If I find out they've gone on holiday and are sunning themselvese in someone else's garden there'll be trouble, is all I can say!