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Wednesday, 24 June 2009

Nostalgia Trip

A few thoughts and snaps from my weekend in Lancaster visiting Ange.

For once I went for a a few days - this past year all I seem to have managed are overnight stops for birthday parties etc. And as Ange is still fairly convalescent and a bit down about it all, we had small, gentle trips and days out rather than the usual hectic rushing here and there.

We went to Morecambe, had a wander down the prom on a grey and blustery Sunday and ate tapas in the Spanish Bar. The prom is great now, and I especially like the birds - what are they, statues, busts, casts, ornaments?! Can't think of the word... But what a shame that the rest of the town is still so run-down and tumble-down - like a painted old lady trying so hard but not managing to conceal the ravages of her life. But the second hand book shop opposite where the pier used to be is still there - and I had a good opportunity to nostalge about my student days and dancing on the pier in the glory years....

We drove up to the Lakes - only got as far as Windermere but Fell Foot is as lovely as ever, the swans are still there and the cranberry cookies delicious (and huge - bigger than the plate!)

And we wandered into Lancaster on a very hot and sunny Tuesday, went to Penny Street caf (without the e) for tea and toast, mooched about the shops and walked back via Greaves Park and the Monkey Rack.

We even went up on to campus and Danny sneaked me into the SLC to see how it has changed. I'm so pleased (and I have to admit proud) that my baby has not only survived but thrived since I left. But there are new buildings everywhere - including on County field which they said they would never build on (yeah, yeah...) and the residence blocks in Fylde a long gone memory...

God I feel old!!

So I'll shut up and post a few snaps I took:

Winderemere from Fell Foot National Trust part

A ramble in the woods at Fell Foot.

The Monkey Rack and Sharpes Hill:

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