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Friday, 12 June 2009

That was the week that was

Just about to pack up, log off and get the hell out of here for another week.

About half an hour ago I was feeling quite elated at what I'd achieved - and (in my opinion at least!) totally against the odds. After all I have managed to extract assignments and marks from 5 programme leaders and sent them off to 5 different externals, get most of the mark sheets at least half done, typed up the last pl meeting mins in time for the next one next Weds, replied to at least 50 students with their grades/advice on their assignment submissions/apps for extensions etc, AND make a good start on the general preps for the next boards.

But then I started my to do list for next week so that I'd know what I should be doing when I get in on Monday with my brain still fuzzy and fluffy from Sunday's studying.

And I wish I hadn't.

It really isn't possible. I really don't think I'll be pulling the rabbit out of the hat this time.

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