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Wednesday, 22 July 2009

7 things about me and 7 blogs I read

Thanks Fran from Being Miss, for recommending my blog. I'm still fairly new to blogging and all that, and am very chuffed to have been mentioned as an interesting person. Now I have to try to live up to it...

So here goes - things you might (not) want to know about me:

1) I like trees - a bit obvious this one, to anyone who has looked at my blog already I suppose. I blame Tolkein, I was perfectly normal until I read about Fangorn in The Lord of the Rings as a teenager. I only have a tiny town garden where I live - but I've already packed over a dozen (baby) trees in so far.

2) I'm a bit of a twitcher - card carrying member of the RSPB in fact. Maybe it goes hand in hand with the tree thing? It's the every day song birds I love the most, the ones I grew up seeing and taking for granted all around me - but that are unfortunately not quite as common these days. We put seed out of course, and in addition I have my mother trained to put catfood out twice a day for "my" garden birds - mostly starlings, sparrows and blackbirds with the odd robin, magpie and thrush, althbough a greenfinch did come visit the other week, and I have seen a wren in the garden... The cat isn't keen on the use of "her" food in this way - which brings me on to...

3) I have extremely spoilt and stroppy siamese oriental cat. I love her to bits but at least one of my sisters has referred to her as "the devil's child". She's most definitely a child substitute. Siamese cats have the intelligence and attention span of your average 3 year old, so it works very well. Better in fact, because when I go on holiday my parents are resident cat sitters and I don't have to take her with me.

4) Song that best relates to me? El Condor Pasa, sung by Simon and Garfunkel. And as a bonus it mentions swans, wonderfully mythic creatures. Plato and Socrates believed that swans sung at the moment of death "more sweetly than ever, rejoicing in the thought that they are about to go away to Apollo, whose ministers they are." (from the Phaedo, I think). I've also got a verse from one Orlando Gibbons on the subject - but will put that in a separate post sometime.

5) I like lists. And notebooks. And paper. And handbags.

6) I like to knit and crochet - although I am notorious for starting lots of things and finishing relatively few of them. Getting better though - last year I crocheted 2 throws and a fancy long cardigan/housecoat-thingy. I have a bedding trunk full of wool bought in sales or impulse buys from markets/wool and craft shops.

7) My favourite author is a relatively unknown, and rather old fashioned lady called Elizabeth Goudge. There's a link on the left of my blog somewhere to a website about her and her books. I have almost all of her books in paperback editions and am working my way through purchasing "proper" hardback first editions for my bedside bookcase.

And now, finally, the blogs that I'm reading the most at the moment...








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