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Sunday, 26 July 2009

Four down...

... and 2 to go. Essays, that is. I'm more than half way through my final portfolio essays and feeling rather relieved about it. Today's essay was the first one I actually enjoyed out of this latest batch - probably because I can see the end and am feeling a little less pressured. I've written 4 essays in just under 2 weeks, and am racing full speed to complete the theory modules. I am a little disappointed that this is the case. I would have liked to be able to study this year with a lot less rushing and stressing - but as I rather stupidly also embarked on major house renovations at almost the same time as I started the course, I only have myself to blame.
But I'm nearly there, and looking forward to my first week's clinical practice in just over 2 weeks - and to finding out what my accommodation is going to be like. One day I'll write a blog post on the 2 bizarre telephone conversations with my prospective landlady - but I don't have the energy to put it into words tonight. Suffice it to say I'm taking a sleeping bag and my own pillow - just in case.

It's been a good weekend. As well as writing the essay, I managed to get out in the garden for a few hours. We harvested the pink fir potatos yesterday and are really pleased with what we got. We won't be needing to buy any potatoes until the remaining 2 bags are ready for harvesting this autumn. Finally, we're self-sufficient in something!! It's a nice feeling after the cucumbers died on us, the courgettes got drowned in the spring monsoon, the peas didn't quite get there, and only 1 butternut squash struggled its way to adulthood.

It's not been a total disaster - we had lots of lettuce, a good crop of broad beans, and after a shaky start we have more tomatoes than we quite know what to do with at the moment. But I've had better years gardening-wise.

I planted the rest of the leeks out in the plot where the broad beans had been - we now have over 50 in the garden in various places - and in a few months time we'll be self-sufficient in leeks as well...

Not that the point of gardening is self-sufficiency. But it is nice to walk into Morrisons on a Saturday and think - no, we don't need to buy any ...., we've got plenty of our own at home. It's a cross between smug and downright astonishment that we've actually managed to get something from seed/plug to the end stage in spite of the slugs, snails, bugs, frost, drought, floods....

Tomorrow night I start my "diabetic foot" essay, but for tonight I'm having a couple of hours off. I've just caught up on my emails, checked facebook yet again and still don't get it, and have caught up on all my favourite blogs. Time to go make a cuppa and put my feet up for a bit. I might even pick up my next book club book and make a start on it.

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