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Wednesday, 1 July 2009

Just a very quick rant before I go back to my exam board lists..

Just been reading Being Miss's blog post on the comprehensively helpful advice given by the BBCs health pages on dealing with the heat, aimed perhaps at people with a very small and limited experience of life in a hot country - or maybe of life itself? I'm not IT literate enough yet to put a link thingy to her post (oops, am I being unconsciously ironic here?) , but she's listed below left in my blogs list.

But whilst sagely nodding my head and agreeing sadly that we simply aren't given enough information to protect us from ourselves these days, I would like to add my own criticism of auntie Beeb.

And that is - what have they done to the tennis coverage? I haven't watched Wimbledon for a few years admittedly - moved house, went on holiday, went a few years without telly etc etc - but when I watched the Murray Warwrinka (might have added/missed a consonent or 2 there) match the other night I nearly ripped up my dad's free over 75's TV licence and put the telly on Ebay.

What's with the constant shots of the audience - who cares about them? I don't, and I certainly don't want to see them jumping up and down, oohing and ahhing and cheering every 30 seconds or so. I also don't want constant shots of the night sky, the moon, the covered roof and every other sort of attempt to show the cameraman's versatility.

I want to watch the match. I want to ignore the crowd cheering when Murray's opponent loses a point - how unsportsmanlike can you get? I don't mind (too much) the cheering when someone wins a point, but when they lose one it's just not, well it's not tennis! I can turn the sound down, but I can't keep turning the telly on and off.

So sort it out Beeb. Let me watch the tennis, and not the audience!


  1. Do you know, you are SO right about this. It hadn't really occurred to me how much it had changed over the years, but it has. It's the celebrity-spotting that galls me most. So, Kate Winslet is watching tennis at Wimbledon. And? And? And?

    I enjoyed your post. Your ranting made me smile. Glad you enjoyed my beeb link. You can just copy and paste links, by the way, either from someone's blog or directly from the web address toolbar when you're on the BBC site itself.

  2. Thanks for the info, I was afraid I'd have to get all techy and start using html-speak or something (and this from someone who used to work in IT before it got all complicated and global!).

    As for my rant - that's what I like about blogging, you just log in, have a quick shout out into the universe - and then go and get on with your life.

    Best wishes, Gill