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Friday, 31 July 2009

On a mission

Just having a quick break to rest my aching back for a few minutes.

Today I'm archiving all the assignments, portfolios etc from the July boards - and as the powers that be here decided in their infinite wisdom that my archive room is to be up on C floor, that means lugging box after box up 2 flights of stairs. When you put lots of sheets of it together, paper really does weigh quite a bit, hopefully even enough to offset the calories from the Twix bars I ate this morning. I 'm supposed to be back on my diet having put just under half of what I lost in the new year back on, so I'm hopeful that this may be the case.

Anyway, back to archiving (which it has to be said I would rather do than diet). It's quite satisfying in a way, I can see lots of square feet of my office that have been hidden under boxes for the past 3 months, and it almost makes me feel that I'm on top of all my work, that having all this space ready for the next lot, which are already coming in thick and fast, means that I'm prepared and all set for it.

Which is important, as I discovered yesterday that the Institute running my foot course can't organise a p-up in a brewery and posted the wrong information about booking on to the clinical placement on the website. Apparent I could have booked myself on to the one at the end of Sept if I'd phoned them after passing my module 12 assessment, but as I chose to believe what they posted on the website, I thought I should wait until I posted my portfolio to them - and have consequently found that all the placements are fully booked until the end of October!

Thankfully my bosses here like me and are sorry to be losing me (I really don't want that to sound quite as big-headed as it does), and have agreed that I can move my leaving date by a month.

This, however, means that the July boards weren't my last - I have another set to go...

It's enough to make me turn to chocolate in industrial quantities...

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  1. I love sorting out my study. It gives me an excuse to sit and look at books I haven't read for ages. It does tend to extend the sorting process from days to weeks, though, and is probably to be avoided.