My job is mobile and I split my time working alternate weeks in Norfolk and Nottinghamshire. I drive down country roads, enjoying rural England through the seasons.

Wednesday, 1 July 2009

A room with a (summer) view

"My" squirrel friend has been visiting a lot recently, so I brought my camera in to take another snap - so of course s/he's decided to go visit other friends and relatives and give me a miss today.

But as I mused on the dangers of working with children and animals, I remembered my intention to take pictures of the trees and view from my window every month so I could record the seasons.

So here are June's snaps. Trees in full leaf, everything looking very big and very green.

I will miss this when I leave. My first ever office to myself, and such a great view.


  1. That is a lovely view. We have our first 'view' in the house where we live now, after having 25 years of being overlooked by flats. Okay, it's a graveyard, but it's an old Victorian one, very nicely kept, with some fab trees. I'm not really a 'nature' person, but I really like where we are now. Trees are just so cool.

  2. Trees are great - I have to admit I have a bit of a "thing" about them (just thought I'd point it out in case you hadn't picked up on that from the blog).
    My last job was in Sheffield and very near an old very rundown and overgrown Victorian cemetary. It was great for rambling about at lunchtime, admiring the wildlife and (of course) trees. You just had to watch out for the odd drunk, drugged or just plain pervy individual who also though it was a good place to hang out.