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Friday, 28 August 2009

Back to the Blog

I'ts about 3 weeks since I last posted, although I was only away and unable to post during the middle week. The weeks on either side of my week away were the before and after "prepare for" and "catch-up from" the work that I wasn't able to do while I was away.

I had planned to post on a daily basis while I was away as it was the first week of my clinical practice so I thought I would have a lot to write about, and I had my lovely new baby Dell. I also had a mobile broadband USB stick courtesy of TMobile. I'm not going to rant (too much) - but anyone considering purchashing one might think of going to any other provider than TMobile! The stick was late, they lost my order, they promised refunds and then changed their minds and said I couldn't have it, and when I finally tried to use the stick, it either fell over and lost its connection every 10-15 minutes or worked at considerably slower speeds than my pre-broadband dial up modem - making accessing the BBC or any other site with images so slow as to be a complete waste of time. And then to cap it all, when I tried to log into this blog, the "adult content blocker" stepped in and blocked it - and although I tried to follow the various processes to prove that I am indeed over 18 and therefore able to access whatever I might wish to, I was unable to remove the block...

So, back to the clinical practice. IT WAS GREAT, ABSOLUTELY FABULOUS AND I HAD A BALL! The week passed by so quickly it was unbelievable and the only downer was that the other 4 students who were on their full placement got to come back this week and graduate, while I still have 2 months in which to wait and look forward to my turn. It was good that we got on very well together and in fact when I go back for my final practice, I am going to stay with one of the students, Kate.

Although my week was meant to be primarily an observation week, I was pleased that I did get quite a lot of practical experience. I got to know how the clinic works, and had about 20 or so patients over the week so got to do assessments, nail trims and reductions, and record the treatments on their patient cards. I wasan't allowed to use a scalpel but I did use the nippers and drills and was much niftier with them than I thought I would be. The patients were lovely - they know that it is a teaching clinic so they are all very supportive and kind to the students. I also got lots of very useful observation in on scalpel work, PNRs and other clinical treatments. I even bought a scalpel and some blades so that I can practice on wax and oranges in the next couple of months.

So although I'm still gutted to be back at work and not a qualified FHP yet, it is good to have a list of things I can practice and get better at in the meantime. And various family members are also being very good and lining up for pedicures and nail trims to give me more hands on practical experience as well.


  1. Sounds like you've enjoyed this, although there's something vaguely sinister about all the talk of nippers and drills and practising on wax and oranges with your knives! In another context, it's all very Stephen King! Good to see you back.

  2. Hi Fran, I loved every minute of it, although half the time I was equally petrified of doing serious damage with the "tools of my trade". They do sound a bit sinister don't they - and I have to admit I did turn rather pale the first time a tutor told me to drill a nail down...