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Saturday, 8 August 2009

My new baby

I have just bought a baby Dell notebook - at 10" it's the size of an average hard back book, which makes it perfect to put in my bag, and will be great when I finally get into business and am on the move all the time. I'm going to keep my appointments and accounts on it, and will also register with the DPA people so that I can keep my patient records on it, rather than have cumbersome and not-very-portable paper files.

It arrived just a couple of days ago but I've not had time to play with it until today, and altho' it is going to take some time to get used to the teeny tiny keyboard, and to going back in time with windows XP, I have to say my first impressions are very positive.

Being a woman, I'm not going to dwell on tech specs that I neither care about nor fully understand. It's easy to use, lovely to look at, has great screen visual quality and definition, and best of all got itself up and running quickly and painlessly. It was even easy to connect to our wi-fi home hub.

I have Jasmine on my desktop, have customised my screensaver and browser colours - so that's it, all set up and ready to roll!

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  1. My sister had a nippy little machine like this. We called it her 'knee-top'.