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Tuesday, 1 September 2009

Feels like Monday to me

I had a lovely 3 day weekend, but I've still come back to work with that Monday morning head-still-on-the-pillow feeling, and even 5 cups of fairly strong and sweet coffee haven't yet removed the cobwebs and fluff from my brain.

That's the final bank holiday of this summer over and done with and it's perfectly legitimate to start talking about Autumn and the changing seasons . Although, to be honest I've been feeling sort of Autumnal for this past few weeks. Which is good for all sorts of reasons from my point of view at least.

I love Autumn, it's easily my favourite season. I think I've tried before and just about any poet that every wrote could say it all much better, soI'm not going to send myself to sleep waffling on about change, the relentless passing of time, the end of summer and "the flower of our youth" dadedadeda....

Suffice it to say I love Autumn because of:

* The colours - for someone with sallow skin like mine, finally a season that suits my colouring!

* The way you can smell the crispness of the air in the morning

* Tidying up the garden, burying the evidence of all the failures - the sprouts (every single one of them!) that got eaten by caterpillars, the Italian garden theme that didn't really work, the honeysuckle that grew "the wrong way" thereby NOT covering the trellis put especially up for it, the nasturtiums that over-excelled themselves and just about throttled any other plants foolhardy enough to get in their way...

* Pyjamas and slippers, as opposed to cami-tops and flip flops

* Cardigans and thick woolly socks

* Feeling reinspired to pick up and finish at least 1 or 2 of the half finished knitting and crochet projects put to oneside in the summer

* and one final one only relevant to this year - I can FINALLY FINALLY say "when I leave next month.." as opposed to the month after next, which didn't really work.

I'm not so keen on the drawing in of the evenings, the central heating going on when I haven't quite cleared last winter's bill, and the car feeling more than a bit nippy when I got in it this morning.

And most of all, I'm NOT ready for the build up to Christmas - which is one of the many many things that crystalised my decision to quit my volunteering work at Oxfam at the end of September. The advent calendars and diaries went on the shelves last week, and the christmas cards will go out this week. And everything else that we might want to sell has to be shoved to one side to make way for it. I already feel completely let down by the multimillion pound industry that is Oxfam these days, and that was the last straw really.

One day I might write a blog post about my time with Oxfam - but I'm still too cross to write judiciously and reasonably, made worse by feelings of guilt for deciding to walk out on a small, rather tatty and neglected, "old school" Oxfam shop already desperately short of volunteers, money, support, management....

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  1. Yay! Another cardigan-lover. My sister's always telling me off for wanting to get back into my 'cardies'. Let's start a campaign!