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Sunday, 13 September 2009


I set today aside to re-write my final 6 theory essays.

So I came upstairs at about half 11 this morning, got all my books out, switched the laptop on and even opened up the first essay.

Then I decided I needed to check my online credit card account - just to make sure the payment really had gone through (I might have been mistaken when I checked the other night and saw that it had been paid).

Then I thought I'd check my current account online - I only set up the online access the other day, and need to practice regularly in case I forget my username and password.

Then I checked my emails - both accounts.

Then I read the news headlines. Only the headlines, though, don't want to be wasting too much time I told myself.

Then I checked a couple of my favourite blogs.

Then I went and had some lunch and made a cup of tea.

And now here I am - torn between "just get on with it Gill for goodness sakes", and finding another "one more thing I just need to do before I get started".


  1. I have days like this, too - you're not alone ! Thanks for visiting my blog all the way over in Africa !

  2. Hello Lynda, thanks for dropping by and leaving a comment.

    I finally finished all 6 essays (5 of them on Sunday and the remaining one last night) and posted them off today.

    Now I can have some "me" time while I wait for the marks.

    Best wishes

  3. 'Procrastination', oh how i hate that word. I am guilty, and am working on being more productive with my time. But we are only human yah? And I am into trees too, especially during my morning walks. I would love to be a Rain Tree. Strong yet with branches reaching down to so shade you from harm.

  4. Hello Gaia

    Thanks for your comment and for dropping by. I have to admit I had't heard of rain trees before so have just googled them - they are beautiful aren't they? Your blog image/mandala is also lovely.

    Best wishes, Gill

  5. Sounds like most of my days... I often find myself spending more time thinking about how not to do the things that I need to do rather than just getting on and doing them - rather like right now!