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Tuesday, 27 October 2009

Clinic day 2

I'm so glad I nearly bankrupted myself and attended the intro week back in August, it has made such a difference. I'm still nervous but at least knowing what to expect, and how the clinic works etc is a real help. And because of that week and the subsequent practice I had in cutting nails etc, I'm finding a lot of the work so much easier this time round.

I'm still quite painfully slow, though, really do need to speed up a bit - or else charge a lot more when I go into practice!!

Finally today, after all the waiting, I got to use the scalpel on a real live person - well on 2 of my 6 patients to be exact. And it went very well, I found it so much easier than I thought I would, and I'm thinking with a lot more practice I'll be fine with it.

Re-reading the above, I really hope I don't sound like a trainee psychopath...

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