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Friday, 25 December 2009

And so this is Christmas..

And thank goodness for that is all I can think of to say right now. For the next week and a bit I get to put my feet up, catch my breath and have a bit of a rest - and after this past year, I feel that I not only need it, but actually deserve it as well.

Just me, mum and dad for Christmas dinner. We had loin of pork with all the usual roasted and veg stuff - big thanks to Aunt Bessie for the roast spuds, parsnips and yorkshire puds, but the rest was all our own hard work and effort. I feel I have to admit to using frozen and pre-prepared roast potatoes and stuff - both my sisters are kind of smug about how they do all their own roast spuds from scratch. But I'm happy to cheat and make life a bit easier. Having the 3 of us (mum, dad and me) in the kitchen makes for more hands to help, but in fact can make it difficult to get on with things as we end up fighting over the chopping board, cooker and sink if we're not careful. Anyway, the pork was tender and tasty, the crackling perfect, and the whole thing delicious.

After dinner, we watched La Boheme on Beeb 2, followed by a documentary on Botticelli's Mystic Nativity and are now watching CSI - dad can't do without his daily CSI fix, even on Christmas day!! I feel like I won't ever need to eat again - but at the same time my eyes keep being drawn to the tin of mince pies on the coffee table in front of me.

Jasmine is snoozing on mum's lap - with one eye on me in case I get up and go in the kitchen. She spent most of the morning in the kitchen worshipping the oven and feels that a measly 2 or 3 pieces of roast pork are just not enough to keep her from starvation. She has a bowl of her usual biscuits on her mat of course - but they apparently taste like poison in comparison to the pork.

Christmas presents were all lovely - new slippers, handbag, smellies, garden bird feeder structure-thing, jewellery. We opened them late this morning after I had been to feed Jo's chickens and cats. They're away until Sunday, so I took dad with me. The roads were still white and frozen, but the sun came out and made the road and fields glow with a golden haze. Put that together with a complete absence of traffic and it made the 10 mile drives there and back a perfect treat.

I actually read a book yesterday - just an ordinary, off the shelf, pick up and lose yourself in it kind of a novel. I think it's the first I've read since spring when life started to get all busy and complicated. It was wonderful - the story and the book of course, but especially having the time to read, time to lose myself in something outside of studying, shopping, travelling, working, changing career and life, helping kathryn move her horses etc etc. I think that was my Christmas present to myself - and I'm hoping I may even get chance to read another over the next week.

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