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Sunday, 27 December 2009

Still in a festive mood

So some pics as a memento. I have to admit I forgot to take my normal photos of the dinner table on Christmas day, so the cake shows some wear and tear. But it still looks good I think - mum made it in November and then spent the next month libating it every few days or so with brandy. Very nice!
The cutting of the cake - serious business. My father, like a lot of men, I think, has this thing about cutting cakes or carving meat. It becomes a military operation as he works out the best place to make the first incision, grills everyone in turn about how hungry they are, how big a slice they want, then caculates the angles, the position of the sun and the major planets...
I don't ever have turkey or whole chickens any more - only beef or pork, something off the bone. I can't cope with the stress otherwise.


  1. Your description of your dad cutting the cake made me laugh.

  2. Hi Fran, thanks and merry Christmas. I hope you're having the kind of festivities you like the best. Mine have been wonderfully tranquil this year - although we're off to the sales this morning so all that could change very quickly!.

    BW, Gill

  3. Yes, I can imagine how stressful it would be waiting for the meat to be cut. Somet things just can't wait.

    Here's wishing you a fantastic 2010 filled with joy, peace, love and good health.