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Wednesday, 7 July 2010

At last, the perfect handbag

Not sure if I mean the "at last" to refer to finding the perfect handbag, or simply relief at finding a few spare minutes to continue my last post - life seems to be continuing its current rather hectic pace at the moment. Anyway, before I have to go and help with dinner, sterilise my kits, wash my towels, walk the dog, help feed the horses... I'm going to write a bit about my lovely new handbag.

So, where to start..
Sizewise, it's fairly small, only 8" tall by about 12" wide and expands to about 4-5 inches depthwise. But one of the great things about it is that the depth is the same at the top as at the bottom - and you can still close the zip without any difficulty, which means that you don't lose any storage space from the bag getting narrower as you get to the top. Also, with it being fairly short, you don't lose things at the bottom of the bag - which usually happens to me as I resort to larger and larger hold-all type bags to try to fit all the things I feel the need to carry around with me.
So, at the moment I have in my bag the following:
1 purse, 1 filofax, 2 cheque books and 1 paying in book, small notebook, 2 pens, bunch of keys, small handbag sized deodorant spray, tube of handcream, packet of polos, small packet of biscuits left over from lunch, small pack of wet-wipes, pencil case holding some headache pills, plasters, tweezers and a pair of scissors, 1 lipstick, small compact mirror, facepowder, eyeliner pencil, hair comb, slim wallet of business cards, packet of sweeteners, couple of wrapped sachets of fennel tea, mobile phone, and a pair of reading glasses.
Not bad for such a small space I think. Everything is easy to find, it all holds together nicely, the zip does up nicely without any wrestling or tugging needed - and there are poppers at each end of the zip to fasten the ends down neatly to the ends of the bag.
And that's not the end of it, as I have saved the best till last! The outside of the bag is a detachable shell, so the colour and fabric/texture can change to fit my mood/clothes/the weather etc etc. When I bought the bag, it came with 2 shells, and a change of straps so that I have a choice if I want the short straps shown in the photo, or longer ones so that it hangs down to my hips. I went for 2 fairly conservative shells, but my sister bought a bright pink one and my mother a lime green one - both of which I intend to "borrow" every now and again...
And instead of having a suitcase to carry all my different handbags, all I need is a shelf to stack the shells flat on, which means a bit more space in my tiny bedroom for other things - such as books, shoes...
It's called a michebag, I believe there is a website, which I intend to find at some point so that I can ask for new shells for my birthday or Christmas!

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