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Thursday, 1 July 2010

Finding the Perfect Handbag

I don't know if there's something in this or not, but the only times I seem to be posting anything to this blog this year are on or around birthdays - Kathryn's in May, and mum's yesterday. Anyway, first sentence over and done with, I thought I'd post something on our mini holiday in Norfolk and day at the Norfolk show.

Mum and dad have been back in the UK for about 18 months now and I was wondering if we would ever get dad to agree to a visit to Kathryn's so the coincidence of mum's 75th and the Norflk show seemed too good an opportunity to miss, especially as Kathryn's wedding has now been postponed so we could move the B&B booking. And we had a great time, both at Kathryn's and at the show - which was not only great in itself, but pretty wonderful given my sister and parents' fragile relationship, all too often fraught by mis-remembered and long-held grievances and unresolved issues. For once, these all stayed safely buried and in the past and we simply enjoyed a few days with each other in the here and now.

The show was great too - I know that being a Norfolk dumpling makes me biased, but there really isn't another county show as good as it I think. When we were younger it was such an important date in the calendar that we used to get the days off school, and it was good to see that there were still lots of school trips and kids as excited as we used to be.

We saw some of the livestock exhibitions and competitions. I have a real fondness for the pigs and if I ever win the lottery and get my little cottage in the country I'm going to keep a couple of pigs - saddlebacks or oldspots for choice.

And we also wandered round the exhibitions and sales stands - which brings me to my latest handbag purchase. But of that I will write more next time as I'm starting to run out of time and steam tonight. I had to drive us back after the show yesterday and have had a full day's work today, and I'm so tired I'm starting to spend too much time correcting my typos now.

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  1. For me, the perfect handbag has only one strap. Two fall off my shoulder too easily. I need outside flaps for my keys and pens.
    I need an outside pocket for my cell phone. I like a deep sturdy inside pocket for lipstick and small things. I prefer a few more pockets inside for business cards and gift cards. I am ALWAYS on the search for the "perfect" handbag. Can't wait to hear about yours.