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Wednesday, 4 January 2012

Biting the bullet

I've got to go to the dentist tomorrow morning, and the thought of it has been ruining my mood all day today.

It's stupid really, as no dentist has ever really inflicted real pain on me - I've had worse (self inflicted) hangovers, endured monthly cramps far far more painful and long lasting, and even the sprain to my ankle last summer was worse than any of my fillings or even the one and only extraction I've ever had.

I was talking about it to one of my customers today and I think there's 2 sides to it.  The first is that it's an inherited phobia from my mother - who really did endure horrific treatment in her childhood and youth.  She simply didn't take us to the dentist at all when we were very young, and my first trip was to a school dentist when I was about 9, after our return from SA.  I was lucky and didn't need any treatment then, or at all until I was in my 20's so I continued the pattern, visiting the dentist only occasionally for the odd filling and random checkup.

The second, is more personal, and I think really it's that embarrassment factor - it's just not comfortable to be laying in the dentist's chair, feeling that my feet are higher than my head, mouth wide open and spit and dribble pooling in the bottom of my mouth, as the dental nurse never seems to put  the extractor-thing in the right place.

It'd  be better all round - for me and for the dentist I  think - if I could just have a general anaesthetic and wake up  later when it's all over.

But that's not possible, so tomorrow I have to go and endure whatever it is they have to do to start the process of crowning one of my teeth, knowing that I have to go back yet again in 2 weeks time.

Not happy.

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