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Friday, 6 January 2012

Fat fingers and thumbs

Sat here in bed and thought that I'd make a quick blog post and try to keep at least one of my new year resolutions going to the end of the week. It's just 7 in the morning and I've been up since half 5 - here in Norfolk Chris goes in the bathroom just after 6 and stays there forever so if I want an early shower I have to be up with the larks to beat him to it.

So I cranked the laptop up and then paused - why not use the wordpad-type app on the iPhone I thought. And that way I can also practice this 2 finger typing that I see my nephew, niece and god daughters doing all the time. It looks so much speedier than the way I do it - with the phone laying flat over my right palm and typing with my left index finger only. The way James etc do it involves cradling the phone loosely between the fingers of both hands with index fingers aligned either side of the phone - leaving both thumbs free to type.
Sounds so easy and I wish it was. But either my fingers and thumbs are just too fat and clumsy - or it's another example of the iPhone keypad being a bit of a letdown.

Running out of time now so I'll just say that the dentist went as well as could be expected yesterday - although the temporary crown she fitted broke and fell off last night! But it's comfortable enough without it so I think I'll leave it as it is.


  1. Hi Ruth! Good to see you back on the blogshere.... I have been on again off again...not as consistent as I once was...been doing my best to coordinate getting my 2011 projects finished, getting away from technology so I can get more things accomplished and then resume my creative endeavors...

    I just have not found a way to do blogging part time. It is all or nothing at all, it seems, for me...

    Happy New year...and I will be popping in to visit.

    Big hugs!

  2. Hi Donna, happy new year to you and your family. Thanks for dropping by again.

    I know what you mean by all or nothing. I thought that working for myself would mean I had more time to do my own things, including blogging, but that has been very far from the case.

    I do hope that this year, the start of my 3rd year of running my own business, will be a little less hectic and more as I had originally planned and hoped!

    Fingers crossed, I enjoy your blog posts and hope to read many more soon.

    Best wishes