My job is mobile and I split my time working alternate weeks in Norfolk and Nottinghamshire. I drive down country roads, enjoying rural England through the seasons.

Thursday, 16 August 2012

New iPad, new blog

I can't believe that I've had my lovely new iPad for nearly a month now and I'm still not finding or making time to write my blog, flesh out my stories and generally do all the things I said I would in order to justify the expense!  To some extent that's me I suppose. I've always been big on the planning not so big on following through and actually completing things.  

But I also think it's a bit about not feeling comfortable abut my subject, which in terms of my blog is me.  When it comes down to it, I'm just not exciting and I don't find writing about myself interesting or inspiring. 

So I'm not going to.  I'm going to write about what I see around me, the people I meet and the stories they tell me, the picture they paint of England - my England. Sometimes I feel that I live in a very different country to the one shown on tv and the media - I don't live in "cool" Britannia, don't see kids with knives hanging around in gangs on inner city street corners, don't recognise either the extreme right UKIP / countryside alliance or the urban new labour as representing my world. 

My England is semi rural, small town - rapidly disappearing into new-build suburbs and commuter belt new towns.  It's a world where online shopping, Facebook, and edge-of-town retail parks compete with farmers markets and dying  high streets; where older people still remember a completely different pace of life - often without most of the conveniences we take for granted as home essentials. I'd like to record some of their stories and histories, post pictures of the landscape I see and pass through every day going about my work, record some of my thoughts and impressions on everyday mundane life in this country. 

And that's what I'm going to (try to) do.

Starting tomorrow...