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Monday, 17 September 2012

Seaside musings

Summer Holiday - Turkey

It's a little after 4 pm and I'm sat on the beach, eking out the last few hours of my holiday. To my right, my sister is snoozing on her sun lounger, and dotted around are a few disparate family groups, mostly Russian and Turkish, all enjoying what is left of the afternoon sun.  The sign at the far end of the beach says the temperature is still 35 degrees, but I can feel a slight breeze coming in from the sea, cooling and refreshing. The water is clear and blue, a few heads nodding and bobbing among the waves, and on the shoreline an informal crèche of toddlers, some paddling, some making mud pies, with parents and grand parents standing proudly by.

And this is one of the many things I have noticed and enjoyed this past 10 days. Many of the people here at the hotel have come in big multi-generational family groups, children, parents, both sets of grandparents; they eat, swim, relax and play together, with members joining in and/or briefly splintering off for a while, but all the time the children remain the focus of the groups. Yes I've seen plenty of iPads and such, and quite a few children playing on them, but on the whole they seem to be reserved for rest and siesta breaks, and for the rest of the time there seems always to be someone ready and available to swim and play in the sea with the youngsters, to change and coddle them when required, and just as many men as women taking part in it all.

Our hotel is a bit out of town, on the way towards Icmeler, is Turkish owned, and only used by Thomsons in the UK, and seems more popular with the Russians and Turks than the British tourists.  I like this - somehow it makes it seem more exotic, more like a proper foreign holiday when everyone around you speaks a different language.  This is our 2nd year here, I suspect it may be our last, but would nonetheless like very much to come back here again.  The hotel itself is living a little on its reputation and is starting to look a bit frayed at the edges now, but our room is comfortable, the food ok and plenty of it, and it has been really pleasantly easy to be veggie this week, so much Turkish food seems based around fresh vegetables and salads rather than the traditional English meat and 2 veg.

The beach and the sea is what it's all about here - and frankly all I have wanted this past 10 days has been to spend lazy day after lazy day down by the sea. I swam, snoozed, read 2 and a half books, swam and snoozed some more, made up histories and tragedies about the people around us, swam and snoozed...  Well, that's how it's been. The sea is blue, warm, clean - lots of little fishes swimming about in it, the skies have been clear and the light has been perfectly bright, burning away the English grey for a while.

But it's nearly over - just finishing this off later in the evening now, although I may not get to post it on the blog till the morning now. Our suitcases are packed, we've had our last supper, and K is threatening to drag me down to the beach bar for a final cocktail when she finishes on the phone with R.  This time tomorrow I'll be filling the washing machine and sorting my kits out for Tuesday's clients.

I know holidays can't last forever, but just a few more days would be nice...