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Monday, 6 May 2013

Last post

It's just a little before 10 am, my last full day here.  I came down to the beach early, and until about 10 minutes ago I had it all to myself - well, and a couple of dozen swallows, and a few skinny sparrows.  Even now, there are less than 10 of us on this strip of beach - hardly crowded.   When I went for my first swim, water still perishing by the way, there was just me - I could and did look out over the bay and daydream myself back 3-4 decades when it really would have been just me and the local fishermen.

One of my customers remembers coming here in the 70's when there were just 2 hotels in Icmeler, and I've seen photos of how lovely it was before tourism took over - trees down to the shore line, locals living off fishing and their own market gardens.  I was talking to a shopkeeper when I went shopping in town yesterday - he needs the tourists to make a living, but likes it best this time of year, and in September when it gets quieter again.   I agree, definitely wouldn't want to be here when the non stop beer and cocktail bars/beach disco/karaoke thing is in full swing.

I've had a lovely week here, and will be sad to leave the sunshine and my spot on the beach behind.  But I am ready to go home now, I'm looking forward to seeing my family again, picking the threads of my life back up.  Not so sure about work though.  I am wondering if it's my usual 2-3 year career itch, in which case I just need to grit my teeth and get on with it - my 10 year plan doesn't allow for any more career changes before I hit 60.  I think, though, that it's just to do with how it seems to have taken over my life, and I have hope for that to change - in 3 months time my new 6/8 week Norfolk rota will start.  If I'm careful not to let my Notts clients "spread" into the gaps, I should have quite a bit more free time, and hopefully will start to enjoy my work again when it's in balance with the rest of my life.  Time will tell.

And if course when I get that free time I'm going to write more.  I've completed most of the things on my list this week - but not the short stories. Why is that?  Why do I want so much to write - and then when I get a bit of time, I don't do it?!

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